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The SeaRoom Complex is a revolutionary floating, semi-submersible ocean activity center, the major elements of which are a 40-seat underwater restaurant, a 40-seat underwater cocktail lounge and five luxury hotel suites with underwater bedrooms and above-water living rooms with private decks. The structure also contains a gift shop, open deck areas for sunbathing, a snack bar, a floating watersports center and support facilities for a 16-passenger tourist submarine.

The SeaRoom Complex is classed by the American Bureau of Shipping and is constructed in modules that can be easily transported and then assembled on-site. The complex can be accessed from the shore via a land bridge, or it can be made completely autonomous with its own diesel generators, watermakers, sewage treatment plant and other equipment to form a complete, self-contained system anchored off-shore.

A SeaRoom Complex is a versatile, highly profitable establishment that can be custom designed for any site. The expansive underwater viewing provides hours of entertainment for guests and provides the owners with extraordinary market differentiation. And the cost of a SeaRoom Complex is quite reasonable when compared to the price of alternative waterfront real estate and construction.

Many different SeaRoom configurations are available in a wide range of sizes.

U.S. Submarine Structures will design and engineer a SeaRoom Complex to suit the needs of any owner. For more information, please contact L. Bruce Jones at U.S. Submarines.


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SeaRoom Activity Center Layout