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The fortunate owners of a residential SeaRoom might leave the office on a Friday afternoon and drive to the local marina, where they'll board a small outboard powered boat for a quick trip to their SeaRoom habitat, permanently moored in a nearby harbor. They approach the SeaRoom and tie up alongside. A door in the waist high bulwark admits them to the large deck area, where they admire the view that their floating island provides, a vista far superior to that of virtually any waterfront home.

The French doors to the deck level solarium are opened and drinks are prepared at the nearby wetbar. For a few minutes the couple sits in the warm, tranquil environment, surrounded by tropical plants. Lounging in heavily cushioned wicker chairs they enjoy the view provided by the floor to ceiling glass walls.

Minutes later they descend down the spiral staircase into another world of mystery and luxury. Surrounded now by rich woods and luxurious fabrics they stop at the bottom of the stairs to gaze across the room and out into the sea. Two adjacent panels of acrylic provide a wondrous window ten feet wide and six feet high. Outside that window fish cavort in the fading light, feeding on the encrustations of an artificial reef attachment stretching outward from the window's base.

They cross the room and slip into the comfort of an over-stuffed couch. Minutes go by as they watch, mesmerized by the activity. As the light fades to darkness they turn on the stereo and start the generator. As they begin cooking with the galley's modern appliances, the generator charges the 12V batteries and powers the watermaker which makes 40 gallons of freshwater each hour. Run for two hours each day, there is enough fuel on board for the generator to operate for over a year and a half without refueling. The automatic viewport cleaning mechanisms cycle back and forth across the windows, spraying the outside surface with a high pressure jet of water.

The dining room table is a cozy booth set against another large 5' x 6' viewport. Behind this window is a special enclosed aquatic exhibit that highlights the fish and invertebrates of the region. An artificial rock wall forms the backdrop and while having their evening meal the couple watches the large plumose anemones and soft corals sway in the current.

After dinner, the dishes are placed in the dishwasher and they adjourn to the master bedroom suit. Soon they are both immersed in a luxurious Jacuzzi tub sipping champagne in the dim romantic light. But far from being a standard bath, this tub has had one side cut away and is attached to yet another large viewport. The couple lounges in the tub and enjoys the illusion of being immersed in the sea. At the flick of the switch, brilliant 1000 watt underwater lights illuminate the darkness. Within moments the sea life, attracted to the brightness, pirouettes in front of the viewport. Squid, shrimp and large pelagic fish dance from light to shadow. Another switch turns on the hydrophone, allowing the eerie sounds of the sea inside our luxury retreat.

The nearby king-size bed beckons and within minutes, our fortunate couple is sound asleep in the dark silence.

Morning comes with sunlight cascading through the large skylight above the bed. A quick look out the unique periscope window confirms the advent of a calm and brilliant day. Breakfast on the main deck will be followed by a leisurely swim, then some fishing and sun bathing. Later friends will arrive for drinks and a barbecue.

Our couple remarks on their fortunate decision to purchase a SeaRoom as their vacation home. The wife notes that someone at work has purchased a time share unit in a SeaRoom in the Caribbean, adjacent to a SeaRoom restaurant. The husband indicates that his boss is interested in a SeaRoom configured as an executive office so the company can expand its existing waterfront office space.