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SeaRoom residential semi-submersible habitats can perhaps best be visualized by considering a deep-draft steel barge with large viewports mounted in the underwater portion of the hull, and contiguous multi-story spaces on the deck.

SeaRooms are designed and engineered by U.S. Submarine Structures, Ltd. under the expert guidance of the resident Naval Architect, Michael Schutte. All SeaRooms are custom designed to meet the owner's requirements.

There are any number of possible SeaRoom residential configurations. This concept is for a small, one bedroom two story unit suitable for a floating retreat. The upper level consists of a glass solarium and outside deck with a gas grill and equipment storage. The unit can be fully autonomous with on-board generator, etc., or it can hooked up to shore power, water and sewage.

Plan view of SeaRoom Residence - Lower Main Level.

The SeaRoom Experience

Read about a couple's experience with their SeaRoom.