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It started as a very simple idea. "The boat sits at the dock because I just can't seem to find the time to use it anymore." "Waterfront property is too expensive." "I don't have as much time as I'd like to go diving."

The original SeaRoom concept was an answer to these statements. A floating residence with an entire floor underwater. Large acrylic windows that provide a panoramic view of the subsea world. Open air decks to fully enjoy life on the water. And an optional generator, watermaker, solar power system and sewage treatment setup to provide you with complete, ecologically acceptable independence, if necessary.

Permanently anchored from a four point mooring system. Commute by boat. Enjoy the underwater world in perfect comfort and safety.

A new lifestyle, dramatically different from your peers. Peaceful, exploratory. And why not? After all, none of us live forever.

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SeaRoom Floating Semi-submersible Residence

This could be the view out your living room window from your own SeaRoom residence.

The SeaRoom Ocean Activity Center

A commercial semi-submersible floating structure available in a wide number of configurations.

A Sea Floor Habitat Concept

A concept for the world's first true luxury seafloor ambient pressure habitat.

The Superior One Atmosphere Habitat

Habitats can only be used by trained personnel. The solution is a one-atmosphere luxury habitat that remains at surface pressure and can be accessed by anyone via tunnel or elevator