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At U.S. Submarines we have a vested interest in disseminating quality information on the civil submarine industry. The following articles are provided for your information. Each article is contained on one page for ease of downloading and/or printing. Be sure to also see the latest articles in our newsletter Viewports.

U.S. Submarines' Design Rationale

Design Rationale of the Nomad 1000 Multi-purpose Diesel Electric Submarine.

The last three decades has seen the construction of three separate and distinct types of manned undersea vehicles. These three categories are 1) military submarines, 2) manned submersibles and 3) tourist submersibles. Over 50 examples of each category have been constructed since 1960.

A new company, U.S. Submarines, Inc., has developed a line of diesel electric submarines that combine characteristics of each of the three categories above to essentially form a fourth type of manned undersea vehicle suited for private luxury use and commercial and research applications. This article examines the development of the design rationale as it relates to the three basic manned undersea vehicle types taken within the context of their applicability to non-military operations.

Manned Submersibles

The State of the Technology: Manned Submersibles

This brief article summarizes the current status of the manned submersible industry. The article briefly reviews the history of the industry, discusses contemporary submersibles and details the new technology applicable to manned submersibles. The article appeared in the Winter edition of the 1995-1996 Journal of the Marine Technology Society.

Tourist Submarines

The Tourist Submarine Industry: A Summary Article

This article is an excellent overview of the tourist submarine industry, with the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Current Industry Status
  • Economics and Related Factors
  • Design and Engineering
  • Operations
  • Trends and Opportunities

The design and engineering section is extensive and provides an in-depth look at how tourist submarines actually work. The article appeared in the Winter edition of the 1995-1996 Journal of the Marine Technology Society.

The Worldwide Tourist Submarine Industry:

Outline This is an outline of a comprehensive full color report currently being written by Dr. Don Walsh and L. Bruce Jones. It will be the most extensive compilation of information on the tourist submarine industry ever published. Look for it in 1998.

Preparing the Comprehensive Business Plan for Underwater Leisure Projects

This article provides information on planning a new underwater leisure endeavor. The article deals specifically with the issue of business planning and discusses in some depth the types of issues that are critical to investors. The business plan outline is particularly pertinent. The article appeared in the Proceedings of Tourist Oceanology 1990, Monte Carlo, Monaco, and has since been updated.

Safety & Submarine Design

Safety in civil submarines and submersibles is a subject of interest to designers, builders and operators, as well as to passengers. This article describes why tourist submarines enjoy a superior safety record. The article focuses on the role of the classification agency and the certification process. The article first appeared in the January, 1989 issue of Viewports.

Tourist Submarines: A True View Below

This article was written for and published in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine in 1994. It is a non-technical introduction to tourist submarines and how they work. The article was updated in late 1997.