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U.S. Submarines, Inc., is capable of meeting virtually any requirement for a submarine vehicle. Our current offerings can be customized to meet your specific needs, or we can develop a new design on your behalf. In either case we interact with the owner, define his requirements and integrate them into the design. Specifications are determined, performance predicted and general arrangement drawings and color renderings executed. With the aid of a professional interior designer we will work with you to plan the space and select the fabrics, finishes and appliances. Upon approval, we move to the second, more detailed, design stage, the result of which is to determine an accurate estimate of the construction cost. Upon approval of the cost and final details we will commence with vehicle construction.

Delivery Times

Delivery time for a Triton is 12-18 months and a Discovery is approximately 18-20 months while a Nomad will take 24 months to build. Both the Seattle and Phoenix classes will require a considerably longer period to construct.

Payment is on a scheduled milestone basis, 10 percent upon contract signature, four 20 percent payments at specified intervals and 10 percent upon owner acceptance.

Optional Equipment

A wide variety of navigation, communication and commercial equipment options are available. These include:

  • Doppler navigation system
  • Vessel tracking equipment
  • Deployable locator beacons
  • Inmarsat satellite communication system
  • Retractable communications buoy
  • Fish feeder
  • Video cameras, low light & standard
  • 5- function manipulator arm
  • Specialized tools for manipulator
  • Specimen lockout
  • Gripper arm
  • Side scan sonar
  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Magnetometer
  • Pipe tracker
  • Water sampling device
  • Diver umbilical
  • Diver lock-out chamber


Financing may be arranged for qualified foreign customers. Typically the terms are 85 percent financing over five years at low interest rates corresponding to the lowest OECD rates.

Training & Support

Although all of our submarines are quite easy to operate, U.S. Submarines will only deliver a vehicle to a fully trained and qualified individual. Typically, we will invite the owner or the designated representative to be present during the last two months of the project. During this period the individual will become intimately familiar with the submarine's operating systems and maintenance procedures. When we move into sea trials he or she will receive in-depth pilot training from our operations manager on operational procedures and methods, emergency procedures and general piloting techniques.

In the case of United States commercial operations only, the pilot must have a U.S. Coast Guard Masters license for a surface vessel of comparative tonnage. After training and approval by U.S. Submarines, the applicant will sit for a U.S. Coast Guard examination directed specifically at the vehicle in question. Upon passing the examination, the applicant will have a submarine vehicle endorsement added to his or her license.

U.S. Submarines has a commitment to fully support the vehicles we produce. A comprehensive spares package is included with the submarine, and we are available to expeditiously ship necessary components anywhere in the world. Our submarines come with a 12-month warranty in addition to the manufacturers' warranties for original equipment. Maintenance contracts are also available.