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Strategic Business Plans of the Highest Quality

The comprehensive business plan is a crucial component of the start-up process. Not only does it insure that the new undertaking is well planned, but virtually every entrepreneur finds it necessary to convince certain individuals of the feasibility of the new business concept. Prospective lenders, investors, major customers and suppliers, advertising agents, potential managers and partners, all need to clearly understand the new business.

An impressively designed and well written business plan reflects favorably on the company it represents and the principals who are responsible for the realization of the concept. As the initial tangible embodiment of the new business it is an extremely important document.

Our business plans are quite simply, the best that money can buy. We guarantee their excellence.

A business plan written by U.S. Submarines, Inc. will be competitively superior, and it will have the following characteristics:

Diligently Researched

This includes such areas as primary and secondary market research, competitive product and corporate information, product manufacturing and operational technologies, pertinent industry statistics and regulation, patent precedents, published financial ratios and data, etc. Extensive use is made of computer based on-line information retrieval.

Strategically Planned

The effective utilization of all available resources and information to succinctly and meticulously demonstrate to the readers that the company will be more effective and proficient than the competition in such areas as product design, manufacturing and distribution, marketing planning and strategy, pricing, managerial and operational efficiency and financial resourcefulness.

Comprehensive in Scope

The plan must clearly and concisely address the 10 major areas required in every comprehensive business plan. Each of these areas is comprised of three to five sub groups that individually require several paragraphs of definitive comment. Complete and accurate financial forecasts are particularly pertinent, as is supporting documentation in the appendices.

Elegantly Executed

The finished document will be professionally written and exceptional in design, making an immediate statement of excellence. Charts, graphs, tables and digitized photographs and artwork are used extensively. All work is prepared on the premises using our state-of-the-art electronic Macintosh publishing system.

Costs for a comprehensive business plan begin at $25,000.

The business plans are written by the company President, L. Bruce Jones.