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There is no more important factor in the establishment of a marine leisure project than location. The site, its physical characteristics and general infrastructure, to a large degree determine the success, mediocrity or failure of an endeavor.

The evaluation of a proposed operating location is called a Comprehensive Site Feasibility Study. The study is written after an in depth evaluation consisting of over 300 criteria developed over 18 years of activity in the tourist submarine sector.

Typically the surveyor will spend a minimum of a week at the proposed location, and will spend additional time accessing secondary information sources.

The completed site feasibility study is a detailed discussion of every salient factor that may impact the operation. As an example, for a tourist submarine operation ratings are given in each of the following broad categories;

  • Dive Site Quality
  • Operational Location Logistics
  • Dock & Support Equipment Facilities & Integration
  • Passenger Facilities
  • Market Demographics & Capture Ratio
  • Storm Refuge Plan
  • Maintenance & Haul-out Facilities
  • Maritime Law & Environmental Concerns
  • Stability & Long Term Growth Potential
  • Overall Suitability

The results of the site survey are summarized in a written multi-page document and can be supported by aerial and underwater video footage. At additional cost we can also produce the results as a high quality video suitable for presentation to investors.

A Comprehensive Site Feasibilty Analysis is typically $25,000 plus expenses. Based on our experience this is the most important document in the process of implementing a tourist submarine operation. The fee could save you, or make you, millions of dollars.