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Marine leisure as it applies to undersea vehicles and structures in a tourism environment is a technically demanding and inherently complex subject. Every business failure in this arena has been predicated on management's unwillingness to seek professional advice. This business sector can be amazingly profitable - but only if you take advantage of the knowledge available and avoid historical mistakes.

After a thorough review of this website, one thing should be clear. We are among the world's leading experts in this highly specialized area. If you want to enter this market sector you will need significant business acumen and financial erudition and you will also need access to substantive capital. The rest we can provide. However, like the airline business, the cost of entry here is high.

Business development work for subsea projects is one of our mainstays. When we are not designing or building undersea vehicles we are consulting - in the areas of business planning and feasibility analysis, site survey, vehicle selection, crew acquisition, etc. Indeed, we can provide a complete turn-key operation that will be exceptionally profitable. Provided you are willing to pay for the advice and to listen when it's delivered.

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