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In addition to other services, we offer answers to specific technical questions pertinent to the marine industry. Do you need a written comparison of two different submarines? A physical survey and economic evaluation of an existing submersible? An opinion on the operational safety procedure outlines provided by a manufacturer?

We are also active in new submersible design, and can execute a design complete with all drawings and engineering calculations suitable for the classification process, competitive bidding among shipyards and complete construction. Michael Schutte, the V.P. of Engineering for U.S. Submarine Engineering LLC is a naval architect and marine engineer and can provide custom designs for our SeaRooms, the Ocean Activity Centers as well as our new line of sea-floor residences. In addition, Michael can design high speed catamaran passenger trnsfer vessels and has just completed the design for a 40 knot vessel, the Argo, designed to carry and support a Triton 1000 submersible.

At U.S. Submarines, Inc. we take pride in our ability to provide effective and timely answers to pertinent questions. We have a staff of experienced individuals available to answer virtually any sub-sea oriented problem.