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The commercial and scientific utilization of manned submersibles reached a zenith in the late 1960s and early 1970s when companies such as General Dynamics, Rockwell, General Motors and Westinghouse were actively involved in vehicle construction. In the last ten years manned submersibles have been largely supplanted by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for many work related tasks, principally because of cost issues related to insurance, manning requirements and vehicle and handling system complexity. Manned submersibles are, however, still popular among many scientists who feel that there is no substitute for direct, in-situ observation of the marine environment. Of the estimated 160 commercial and scientific manned submersibles built in the last 40 years, approximately 40 are still operating.

In December of 2007 we delivered the first Triton 1000, a beautiful, small 2-person submersible easily launched and recovered from most megayachts. Designed for luxury excursions, the Triton has extraordinary viewing capability, excellent surface stability and ample freeboard. The Triton is available in both 2- and 3- passenger configurations in models with diving depths of 1000 or 3000 feet. Prices start at $1.69 million.

The Triton 1000

This 305-meter capable, 2-passenger submersible is an aesthically pleasing minimum volume 2-person design with excellent visibility designed for launch and recovery from megayachts, but it is lightweight enough to be trailered.

The Explorer 1000

This 305-meter capable, 2-passenger submersible is a simple, robust and stable light-weight design with many advantages for commercial and personal use.

Contemporary Manned Submersibles

A look at some notable recent manned undersea vehicles.

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