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Proven profitability and market differentiation. These are the results of tourist submarine operations across the globe. Last year this industry carried over 2 million passengers and enjoyed $150 million in revenue; and the story has just begun.

Passenger submarines represent successful, tried and true technology and demonstrated profitability. Since the first contemporary tourist submarine went into operation in 1985, over 45 purpose-built vehicles have entered service. No longer are trained divers the exclusive visitors to the subsea world. Now, regardless of age or physical condition, passengers can directly experience the myriad denizens of the deep from the air conditioned comfort of a contemporary tourist submarine.

U.S. Submarines, Inc. has developed the first diesel electric tourist submarine, the Nomad 1000. Available in 24- and 36-passenger configurations, the Nomad is competitively superior to all other tourist submarine designs. In comparison to conventional battery powered tourist subs, the Nomad will dive 7 times deeper, and has 50 times the surface range at 4 times the speed. We are also designing the SeaView 66, the world's largest tourist submarine.

We also consult in business planning, feasibility analysis, site survey, crew training and acquisition; and we provide turn-key tourist submarine operations with new or used equipment.

The Nomad 1000-T

In its tourist submarine configuration the diesel electric Nomad will seat 24-passengers. An extended version has a 36-passenger capacity

The DeepView 66

We are currently designing the world's largest tourist submarine, one that has a transparent acrylic pressure hull for outstanding visibility.

Virtual Reality Panorama

Experience a virtual reality panoramic look at the interior of a contemporary tourist submarine.

The Business of Tourist Submarines

What's involved in setting up a tourist submarine operation? This detailed overview points out the requirements.

Used Tourist Submarines

We offer several immediately available pre-owned vessels.

Tourist Submarine Operating Locations

These are the places where you can experience a tourist submarine dive. We also rate some of the better dive locations.

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The Anatomy of a Tourist Submarine

Curious about how a tourist submarine works? This brief overview highlights the functions of major components.


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