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Triton 1000

See the Triton 1000 at the 2007 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. The Triton 1000 is U.S. Submarines' latest design and represents an advanced, light weight minimum volume 2-person configuration engineered specifically for deployment from megayachts. With an overall height of 1.8 meters and an overall length of only 3.0 meters the Triton will fit on many mid-level boat decks, and at 3.3 tons it can often be launched with the existing davit systems. The first Triton 1000 was delivered to the 164' yacht Mine Games in December of 2007.

The Triton can also be trailered behind a truck or SUV or shipped in a standard container.

The Triton design provides for excellent visibility and high levels of comfort with luxury leather seating and full air conditioning.

We are building four Triton 1000s for Poseidon Undersea Resorts and if you are a guest at the resort free piloting lessons in our lagoon in a Triton are available.

Stability & Freeboard

Vehicles built by U.S. Submarines are unique in that they are the only small submersibles available that have excellent surface stability and also meet the ABS freeboard requirement of .77 meters between the water's surface and the hatch. These factors are critical in the enjoyment of a leisure submersible. Other commercial manufacturers build vehicles where the passengers or scientists must embark and disembark while on the deck of the support ship. The occupants cannot safely exit the submarine while it is surfaced. This reduces operating flexibility and requires an expensive man-rated launch and recovery system.

Learning to Be a Pilot

We provide piloting and maintenance training to the owner or crew at no additional cost. Triton has been designed to be easy to pilot, with intuitive joystick controls and a computer based monitoring system. The thrill or piloting your own deep submersible is a rare and rewarding experience.

Maintenance of Triton is not complex. And, Triton is very reliable as we only use components proven effective in subsea applications.

Download a brief four page brochure on Triton (82 k, .PDF).

Download the Small Submarines for Large Yachts brochure (452 k, .PDF). Detailed info on the Discovery, the Triton and the Explorer is included.

Triton Technical Specifications