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Pre-owned submarines and submersibles can certainly be a bargain when compared to new construction. Yet, it is important to recognize that operating older, obsolete equipment may not be as productive in task completion, satisfaction and economics.

Tourist submarines are relatively recent in terms of design and because they are quite expensive there can be some real benefit to operating pre-owned equipment which is often 50% of the cost of new construction. The utilization of a pre-owned tourist submarine can decrease the economic barrier to entry, improve profits or allow for a reduction in ticket prices.

Used deep submersibles represent much older technology with most of the available vessels having been built prior to 1980. Any older deep submersible is likely to have a reduced life expectancy. Older technology typically means the vessel will be less effective at accomplishing its tasks, and maintenance costs are likely to be significantly higher as well. Today, contemporary submersibles with diving depths of 1000 meters or less generally have transparent acrylic pressure hulls which makes them much more attractive for observation.

Used civil diesel electric submarines are very rare. Two that have been available for several years and are now off the market under option are not classed and are essentially uninsurable.

The luxury submarine market is in its infancy and it will likely be several years before pre-owned vehicles become available on the open market.

Used Tourist Submarines

The tourist submarine business is highly specialized and tourist submarines themselves are technically unique. There are a number of used vehicles on the market currently, and we represent all of them.

Used Deep Submersibles

Deep submersibles are not very popular outside of the scientific research community simply because of their high operating costs and the necessity of a large support ship for operations. Many of the deep submersibles available are hopelessly obsolete. Here are the best ones on the market.

Used Diesel Electric Submarines

Civil diesel electric submarines are very rare. There are generally no vessels in this category available on the market. However we own a remarkable small diesel electric submarine, the S-101, which is currently for sale after a significant price reduction at $480,000 and is completely dive ready. It is located in Seattle and is available to qualified potential buyers for a trial dive. A brochure and specifications for S-101 are available. Further information can be obtained by calling Ellis Adams in Seattle on 206-422-2899.

Used Luxury Submarines

At the moment, there are no used luxury submarines available. However, we would be happy to build a new one for you.