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Used Deep Submersibles

This section may indeed be more notable for what is not here than the vehicles that are offered. What you won't find are:

  • Submersibles that are not classed by a known class society
  • Homebuilt or kit-built submersibles
  • Submersibles currently in a museum
  • Submersibles that are hopelessly obsolete

The deep submersibles offered here are either operable now or require minor refit work, They have a demonstrated track record of safe and reliable commerical operation. They are, or have recently been, in-class and so can be insured. U.S. Submarines can provide full technical support and spare parts and service.


PC-1805 was the last deep submersible built by Perry and it was delivered to Shell Exploration in 1984 at a cost of $3.2 million. The submersible is now owned by a U.S. Submarines' manager.

PC-1805 is a large diver lock out submersible with 40,000 cubic feet of mixed gas capability. It is outfitted with a full suite of scientific and commerical equipment and a massive supply of spare parts.

The price of the submersible is $325,000 plus refit and classification costs.

Specifications :

Classification Society: Lloyds Register of Shipping London, England
Builder: Perry Submarine Builders Riviera Beach, Florida, USA
Depth Rating: 1000 feet of seawater (305 meters)
Length overall: 26 feet (7.9 meters)
Beam: 8 feet (2.4 meters)
Height: 9 feet (2.7 meters)
Draft: 6 feet (1.8 meters)
Crew: 1 pilot and 3 or 4 observers
Payload: 1000 lbs (450 Kg) plus 5 crew
Weight: 32000 lbs (14600 Kg)
Speed: 2 knots cruise, 4 knots maximum
Endurance: 12 hours normal operation, 7 days emergencyStored power 200 amp-hours at 120 VDC, 150 amp-hours at 24 VDC and reserve 50 amp-hours at 24 VDC
Pressure hull: 54-inches (1370 mm) diameter with internal ribs A-537 low temperature steel
Viewports: One 35-inch (890 mm) hemispherical viewport Ten 6-inch (200 mm) flat viewports
Propulsion and Maneuvering: Main motor 120 VDC 10 HP (7.54 KW) with speed control. Two horizontal, two vertical 120 VDC, 1 HP (.75 KW) positioning thrusters
External Lighting: Six 120 VDC, 650 watt, quartz-halogen iodide
Navigation: DIGIcourse compass
Sonar System Wesmar SS 146
Manipulators: Two six function Perry manipulators
Hydraulics: Internal: 1000 psi system for planes, rudder, pan and tilt and extendable legs.
External: Perry DSWP system, 5gpm @ 2000 psi for manipulators & auxiliary tools.
High Pressure Air System: 2000 standard cubic feet stored at 3000 PSI
High Pressure Oxygen System: 880 standard cubic feet stored at 3000 PSI
Air Purification system: Two 24 VDC/120 VDC scrubbers for either Sodasorb or Lithium Hydroxide absorbent. Five lung powered scrubbers
Main Ballast System: External soft tank provides 1600 lbs (727 Kg) positive buoyancy
Trim and Variable Ballast System: Sea water with high pressure pump and forward and aft tanks. Capacity of 1000 lbs (450 Kg)
Communications Surface: All channel Raytheon VHF 25 watt
Subsurface: Mesotech 703A W/750 100 watt
Video System: Simrad-Osprey 1323 low light level SIT camera
Simrad-Osprey 1362/3 CCD color camera on pan/tilt unit. Still photos with Hassleblad 70 mm

Safety features:

  • Seven days life support for a full crew of five
  • Water detectors in all compartments
  • Jettisonable battery pods and emergency buoy
  • Halon 1301 fire extinguishing system
  • Emergency battery located inside pressure hull
  • Emergency buoy with 3000-feet of Kevlar line
  • Emergency acoustic pinger location system
  • Emergency lung powered scrubbers for five
  • Carbon dioxide and oxygen sampling tubes
  • Two independent ballast systems ex. eject sys.
  • Emergency built in breathing system (BIBS)
Optional equipment:

Assorted hydraulic tools, various stabilized power supplies, 24 VDC to 120 VAC 1.5 KW inverter. Auxiliary equipment panel interfaces video, stills and other sensors. Thickness gauge, CP probe, echo sounder, Digiquartz depth com puter, video recording equipment for any format