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January 2008

The utilization of a pre-owned tourist submarine has the advantage of reducing initial capital costs and can also provide an almost immediate return on investment if the vessel is placed in passenger carrying service quickly. Both advantages are significant considering that new construction typically takes at least 18 months, and new vehicles cost upwards of 50% more than their used counterparts. However, buying a used submarine requires an expert technical evaluation, and often also requires a refurbishment program to maximize vehicle reliability and maintain classification status.

There is one primary rule. Never consider a tourist submarine that holds 10-passengers or less unless you can obtain an operating ticket price of at least $250 for a 1-hour dive. Operational economics heavily favors larger vehicles whose revenues can easily exceed the base-line infrastructure and operational staff costs. Virtually every small tourist submarine operation has been unprofitable because limited revenues cannot meet the cost requirements of safe manning levels.

Recently, we have been involved in the sale of four used tourist submarines and we represent every used tourist submarine available on the world market. Currently, there are very few vehicles left on the used market. If you can't find what you're looking for here, call us (208-687-9057) or e-mail to enquire as availability frequently changes. We can also build you a state-of-the-art contemporary tourist submarine from steel or acrylic.

The 45-passenger Deepstar System
The 48-passenger Voyagers (Sold)

The 26-passenger SM/100-26
The 16-passenger Argos
The 16-passenger SPT-16 (Sale pending)